Springtime & April Showers


Springtime, tulips, April showers and garden birds busy building nests! I do like this time of year. But what aspect do you find yourself focussing on most, the dull, rainy, showers or the colourful tulips and busy birds?Throughout the rainy days, I’ve been making point of noticing when things, including the weather, are going well. Why do I think this is good idea? As human beings we are programmed to be more aware of negative and bad events, rather than good or positive experiences. This goes back to basic survival instincts. It was necessary to be vigilant and our brains evolved to organise around danger and threats to survival, rather than safety. After all, there is little problem if we are in a safe situation. However, not paying close attention to danger would risk survival. Our brains therefore have an in-built negativity bias which means that we pretty much always remember and focus on bad things that happen. Just take a minute to think back over your experience of yesterday. What do you remember most? If a parent, it is likely to be when you felt you go something wrong in relation to your children – were impatient or irritable. If at work, your thoughts are most likely to turn to that one thing that did not go well rather than all the things during the day that went just fine. Bad things stick in our brains whilst good things slip away unnoticed and unacknowledged. So a daily micro-practice of noticing for ourselves what went well during each day and finding 3 things we can appreciate or feel good about, supports our general well-being, boosts our capacity for perspective taking, and enables us to be much more compassionate towards ourselves when things don’t go so well.

What 3 good things happened to you today? 

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