Talents, Skills, Passion

Have you ever considered what it takes to become world class in any pursuit? Psychological research quantifies this as spending 6o hours per week over ten years to achieve exceptional levels of skill in any field.

Not all of us are going to be doing that, but we can support our own and our children’s achievements by connecting up our talents, skills and passion. Parenting is the one area in which we have the opportunity to spend more than 60 hours a week over much longer than ten years, practising and honing our skills.

Talents are the potential that we are born with and they can be nurtured or squandered. Skills are abilities that we can develop through training and which if practised become skills that we excel at. They can also be lost if not used. However to be really good at a something and for it to feel part of ‘who we are’, we need our talents and skills to be connected to our character strengths. Our character strengths are our essence and core of who we are. When we express ourselves through our character strengths then we are enthused and energised and become passionate about what we do. Character strengths are the ‘booster rockets’ that take our talents and skills to a new level. Knowing what your character strengths are and how you use them and the influence they have in your successes, can significantly help overcome challenges we meet.

Find out more about your Character Strengths. Take the VIA survey. For those of you with children between the ages of 10 – 17 yrs, there is a VIA Youth Survey.

If you’d like to know more about how your character strengths can help you achieve your best work, or how you can support your young person and their challenges with school, book a strengths coaching session with me and discover your ‘rocket boosters!’